Creating Displays

There are a variety of places throughout a store that you can construct an eye-catching display.

By following a few principles, the task will be simple…

  • Take time to organize your thoughts on the display.
  • Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and determine a theme.
  • Draft your display on paper.
  • Choose a slow time of day or build the display after hours.

If time is an issue, your area may have visual merchandising companies or individuals you can hire to design and decorate; but if you’re concerned with the cost, the following tips will help you to create an attractive display.

  • Rather than symmetrical balance, try being somewhat uneven with the display.
  • Rule of thumb…Place larger items first; medium and small for filler.
  • Define the setting of what you want to display (seasonal/event).
  • Less is more so know when to stop adding items.

Before you start, keep a few items on hand in a box. By having all of these items together, you will save time in constructing your display:

Scissors                     Fishing Line
Stapler                      Pins
Utility Knife             Nails / Screws
Hammer                   Tape Measure
Screwdriver              Glue Gun / Sticks
Note Pad                   Pencil / Marker
Glass Cleaner           Paper Towel
Signage                     Signage Holder
Two-sided Tape

If you have an interesting or unique way your store has used Corobuff® to promote a season or holiday, send us a picture and we may feature it on our web page!